The mandate of the IESOGI - appointed by the UN Human Rights Council - adresses crimes and discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. The video presents the Independent Expert's goals and methods to partners and stakeholders. It was created for use during presentations and country visits.

One of the key challenges of the video was to create gender neutral characters, especially for the IESOGI. The current expert is Victor Madrigal-Borloz, but the next could be of any gender or sexual identity. The approach was to design from pictograms and making them more abstract and diverse. The video was intended as serious but joyful, using strong bright colors and playful animations. The iesogi is identified with the light blue color and the video follows their journey through their duties.
The IESOGI is very active. They talk, higlight, listen, cooperate, research. Their work is very hands on, direct.
They must be in contact with victims and stakeholders, they must see the world and adress the problems. This hands-on aspect is translated by the constant presence of the IESOGI through the video and also of their hands.
The most important components of the Mandate's work are the constant dialogue and transparency: bringing foward information, measures and practices to adress the issues of LGBTQ people. We also wanted to highlight their advocacy, represented by a march.
For the final frame we wanted to create a mosaic of love, colorful, diverse and inclusive. Couples of any shapes, identical or not, make up a colorful picture of a bright and happy future.
Art Direction | Sebastian Pelaez and Paula Alvarez Alves
Illustration and Animation | Paula Alvarez Alves
Project Manager | Gemma Portavella​​​​​​​
Client | UNFE IESOGI Mandate
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