SEAT Mobility Advisor
SEAT´s research team approached the agency Design It to produce a video around their new mobility concept.

Faced with declining car sales as the automotive industry is slowing faster than expected, the team propsed to create new transportation concepts for the cities of the future. At the center of their proposal is the elimination of the personal car in favor of a personalized mobility service. The service adapts to the needs of the new generations: social, green and smart. The video was created based on the existing material and ilustrations to fit with their prepared presentation.

The experience of interfacing with Seat's team and their research was a unique, with it's own challenges, as we had to ensure every detail, from the script to the sound design, helped explain the concept clearly to the companies share holders.
Production | Design It
Illustration | Paula Alvarez and Ana Freitas
Animation | Paula Alvarez
Music and Sound Design | Bruno Ferreira
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